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So this is Cafe Vegas, home of bad food, bad service, soft jazz and power ballads. Mary Nugent, a clumsy loves-to-annoy waitress and Tara Brandel, an upperty middle aged customer, play out a ritual dance of mutual loathing every day.
Their choreography is the same repetitious tiny quirks that annoy the hell out of each other. Speaking of annoying there’s William O’Donovan and choreographer Leonie McDonagh as two joyless rainclouds that sap the fun out of life through health and safety regulations. Even the audience is screened on entrance and hazardous objects-like handbags and scarves are taped to bodies.
Croí Glan Integrated Dance Company are generous with their commissions and this collaboration with ponydance pays rich dividends.
A deliberately slimline plot delivers full-fat laughs and a perfectly pitched amount of audience involvement. Cafe Vegas, we learn, can also transform lives, but stellar performances, particularly by Nugent, are what will draw customers back daily.

Michael Seaver, Irish Times 21 Sept 2015

An Outside Understanding

Ways of looking and perspective continued to fascinate choreographer Liz Roche and here she applies her customary reflective dance-making intelligence to that of physical difference. She (liz Roche) brings an intuitive subtle experience of the form to make partnering the central focus of the work, artfully mining it for her two dancers, Mary Nugent and Dawn Mulloy, one disabled, the other not.. leaning symmetrically, one on the other, yet gracefully  revealing their  physical  distinctiveness and individuality.

Irish Theatre Magazine 17 Sept 2012

Pass Path Groove

For Pass Path Groove, Croi Glan worked with San Fransisco-based Choreographer, Eric Kupers and members of the Cork based Cope Foundation for People with intellectual disabilities. During the striking performance, dancers moved at ease in their own bodies in a way that was both beautiful and provocative. A narrative of grief and loss ran through the piece alongside an orchestral composition which swang with the emotions of the dancers

The Irish Times 24.7.12

This Is

In spite of the billing, This Is isn’t a dance in progress anymore, but a fully formed piece that sets new standards for Croi Glan Integrated Dance…This Is displays creative guile, particularly in the seductive quintets where performers continually merge and split into short duos and trios. His (Adam Benjamin) was well-rewarded with committed performances from five dancers.

The Irish Times 23.9.10

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