WILD: West Cork Contemporary Dance Festival Aug 11-18

WILD 2018 Postcard (fnt)

WILD: West Cork Contemporary Dance Festival 2018
Saturday, August 11 – Saturday, August 18

A week of dance, technique, Croí Glan LAB research, improvisation, contact improv, performance and community events at An Sanctoir, a 30-acre nature reserve with a beautiful hexagonal dance studio in West Cork, Ireland. Offering a high level of creativity, physical challenge, immersivity and interactivity. Experiencing the expansion of the surrounding environment, bodies in wild natural surroundings, drawing from collective of dance artists who stretch the limits of embodied research, from the local to the global, bringing together aesthetics from San Francisco to Berlin, Ireland, West Cork and beyond…..

Come dance surrounded by nature, the Atlantic ocean, Roaring Water Bay and its Islands, and the nearby unique mix of local and international cultural and artistic inclinations in the renowned village of Ballydehob along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Wild environment
Wild dancing
Wild creativity
Wild perspectives
Wild embodiment
Wild coexistence

Featuring –
Tara Brandel [Ballydehob] + Linda Fearon [Armagh] Kathleen Hermesdorf [San Francisco] Luke Murphy [Sheeps Head] Ruairí Donovan [Cape Clear] Mairead Vaughan [Ballydehob] Cathy Walsh [Cork] Nicholas Nwosu [Waterford]

Produced by ALTERNATIVA + Croí Glan


WILD West Cork Contemporary Dance Festival includes –

5 Workshops:
Saturday OPEN Community workshops (3 hours each)
– August 11, 3-6pm > Ruairí Ó’Donnabháin: Deep Listening
– August 18, 10am-1pm > Nicholas Nwosu: Creative Street Dance
Sunday workshop (6 hours)
– August 12 > Luke Murphy: Physical Storytelling
Monday-Friday > 2 workshops per day (3 hours each)
– August 13-17, 3-6pm > Tara Brandel: Improv + Contact Improv
– August 13-17, 10am-1pm > Kathleen Hermesdorf: Release Technique + Improv

2 Performances:
August 11, 8pm – Tara Brandel | Luke Murphy | Ruairí Ó’Donnabháin
August 17, 8pm – Kathleen Hermesdorf | Nicholas Nwosu | Mairead Vaughanl | Cathy Walsh

Weekday evenings:
Monday 13th 8pm Comfy Concert / Lea Miklody (Looped cello)
Tuesday 14th 8-10pm Contact Jam
Wednesday 15th 8pm Participants showing
Thursday 16th 2.30-5.30 + 7-9pm Croí Glan Lab (Integrated Dance research with Linda Fearon and Tara Brandel)


Tara Brandel: LAND DANCE:
Contact Improv and Improv. With release, floor work, inversions, alignment and momentum. Using Contact skills and principles and improv scores to dance in the studio and outside in the surrounding nature reserve.

Integrated Dance research, improv and play. Working with people with and without disabilities we will celebrate our equality and shared humanity through the immediate and visceral experience of Integrated Dance.

Kathleen Hermesdorf: WILD/WISE
A workshop investigating corporeality from internal impulse to external expression through explorations into embodied intelligence, human nature, physical states and acts of motion. Deepening awareness and understanding of the body by working with energy, touch, somatic improvisation, group scores, technical modalities and three-dimensional choreography.

Starting with participants’ own movement, Nicholas will help participants to expand and develop their own inner street dance, dancing from a place of joy and openness to create professional-looking and innovative moves.

Exploring various techniques in physical storytelling, expressing intent and moving seamlessly from natural to abstract forms. All movers with experience in dance, theatre, circus, mime or visual art are encouraged. The workshop will begin with a set of exercises to slowly access each individual to move freely within their full range of motion and find a sensory relationship between intent and texture of movement. Through a series of skill building tasks, the workshop will examine the visceral communicative power of the body and build a tool kit for improvisational devising of scenarios and dialogues. Incorporating aspects of contemporary partnering, performance skills, contemporary dance and physical theatre, this workshop is open to those with an interest in movement and a good sense of curiosity.

Ruairí Donovan: ÉISTEACHT
Inspired by the work of the late Pauline Oliveros we will investigate ‘deep listening’ and site responsivity as embodied practice. Opening scores from the performance installation ‘archipelagic thinking’ we will expand our understandings of the subtle differences between listening and hearing, translation, mistranslation and (with)nessing as aesthetic practices of care. “What if the settlers just came to listen?”.

€350 -Full festival (includes camping w/kitchen + bathroom/shower)
€150 – Kathleen Hermesdorf or Tara Brandel Workshops
(includes camping w/kitchen + bathroom/shower)
€90-weekend (August 11th-12th)
(includes camping w/kitchen + bathroom/shower)
€60/day ( Luke Murphy Workshop / Croí Glan Lab / etc)
€20/€15 – Saturday OPEN Community Workshops (August 11th + 18th)

€15/€10 – Performances (August 11th + 17th)
€5 Contact Improvisation – OPEN community class + jam
€5-10 Lea Miklody’s Comfy Concert


Additional accommodation: http://ansanctoir.ie/accomodation/


Register :



An Sanctoir is a wheelchair accessible space.

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