Residency with Leonie McDonagh

ponydance and croi glan

An Sanctoir’s first Performing Arts Residency with Belfast based choreographer Leonie McDonagh (Director, PonyDance) is taking place from 15 to 19 June. Leonie will be working in collaboration with Croí Glan on a new work which is to tour Ireland.

A cafe based, dance filled, slightly surreal show where people are doing what they probably shouldn’t. Mary has cerebral palsy and probably shouldn’t be waitressing. William uses a wheelchair and is obsessed with he​alth and safety. Tara is so perfect she’s next to God.

Pony Dance, champions of comedy dance theatre are good looking, charming and award winning. For this show they team up with 3 dancers from Croí Glan Ireland’s leading Integrated Dance company for a meal size amount of clever movement, a few spillages and plenty of laughs.

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Tickets on the doors €5

justine fosterResidency with Leonie McDonagh