Residency at Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre with Jess Curtis

On the Wall Tara Brandel_David Bolger 2009 (1)

On Tuesday 26 April Croí Glan will begin a three week residency at Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre in Skibbereen, working with one of their favorite and most performed choreographers, Jess Curtis (Asymmetric Tenancies, 2007).

Jess has been working remotely since February this year, through digital and social media technology with Croí Glan dancers, Tara Brandel and Linda Fearnon. Influenced by his familiar post-modern choreographic style influenced by a Berlin/San Francisco aesthetic and Croí Glans intrinsic collaborative process, they are making a duet that investigates the ups and downs of our bodies within our evolving digital culture and questions the use of digital and social media to enhance our democratic mobility or enforce immobilisation.

Sharing of work in progress will be held at Uillinn on Friday 13 May, 6pm.

Contact 028 22090.



justine fosterResidency at Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre with Jess Curtis