Linda Fearon presents at ‘Drawing from the Well’ Arts & Disability event

Tara Brandel & 
Remote by Jess Curtis

Mobilised or frozen… alone at home in front of our screens do we transcend or are we trapped in our bodies?

Using a remote process with electronic media and social networking, Jess Curtis applies his familiar post-modern choreographic style influenced by a Berlin/San Francisco aesthetic to create this duet that investigates the ups and downs of our bodies within our evolving digital culture. Does digital and social media enhance our democratic mobility or enforce immobilisation.
Photography by: Emma Jervis

Linda Fearon from Croí Glan will give a presentation at Drawing from the Well , an Arts & Disability event held in the Butter market, Waterpark House, Ennis, Co Clare on Friday the 13th October, from 10.30 am – 11.30 am.

Her presentation will focus on her experience of working with Croi Glan Dance Company & her contemporary dance practice.

The aim of Drawing from the Well is to inspire the Co. Clare panel of art facilitators who work on the Embrace Scheme and to introduce them both to new practices, insights and ways of approaching projects and choreography, and to generate thinking around how work is presented and disseminated within the public realm.

Linda’s presentation will draw on her experience of these practices  within Croí Glan, and  her experience as an independant dance artist with a disability.

croiglanLinda Fearon presents at ‘Drawing from the Well’ Arts & Disability event