Croí Glan performs in San Francisco


Jess Curtis’s REMOTE in Intercontinental Collaborations #7,November 2-5, 8pm

Croí Glan will be performing Jess Curtis’s Remote at the Joe Goode Annex in San Fransisco, November 2-5, 8pm, as part of Jess Curtis/Gravity’s Intercontinental Collaborations #7.

Remote is a duet performed by Linda Fearon and Tara Brandel, originally commisioned for Croí Glan’s 10th Anniversary show in 2016, and it looks at the highs and lows of digital media.

Details here:
Having performed at the San Francisco International Arts Festival in 2015, and in Jess Curtis/Gravity’s Intercontinental Collaborations #4 in 2008, Croí Glan is delighted to be returning to San Francisco for the third time!
Supported by Culture Ireland.

croiglanCroí Glan performs in San Francisco